The Beginners Guide To Drums This Christmas

Is your child looking to get into drums this Christmas? But you have no idea where to begin

Well, we are here to put you on the right path!

Drums are not only a fun instrument but are also deeply beneficial to a child’s development, building hand eye coordination and a great source of physical exercise.

First off, we have acoustic drums. These are the regular drum kits we are all familiar with. Acoustic Drums come in three sizes and configurations. four-piece junior kits, five-piece junior kits and five-piece full size kits

Four-piece junior kits

Our DXP four-piece junior kits comprises of a kick/bass drum, a snare drum, two tom drums and one cymbal. The kit also comes with a kick drum pedal, and a pair of junior drum sticks. These are a small kit so the smaller diameter of the drum shells means they are not as loud as the full size Drum kits.

This kit is fantastic option for children aged between six and nine years old.

DXP 104-3A 4 Piece Junior Drum Kit | Black (

Five-piece junior kit

Our DXP five-piece junior kits comprises of a kick/bass drum, a snare drum, two mounted toms a floor tom, hi hats and one cymbal. The kit also comes with a kick drum pedal, and a pair of drumsticks. Once again this is a smaller size kit, so the smaller diameter of the drum shells means it is not as loud as the full-size Drum kits. The big advantage here is that the layout of the five-piece kit is the same as the full-size kits and therefor is perfect for young children taking lessons. Once again, we recommend this kit for children aged six to nine years.

DXP 104-6 5-Piece Junior Drum Kit | Blue (

Full size five-piece kits

Full size drum kits are as the name suggests, full size! The kick/bass drum alone is between 20 and 24inchs in diameter. Most full-size kits come as a shell pack with a kick/bass drum, snare drum, two mounted toms, and hardware, which are the cymbal stands. You will need to purchase the cymbals separately as well as the drum stool and sticks. The drums them selves can come with several types of wood in the shells. Most beginner kits come with maple shells, however for a few euro more you can upgrade and opt for a kit with birch shells.

DXP JBP1211 5-Piece Drum Kit | Silver (

DXP JBM0211 5-Piece Birch Shell Drum Kit | Black (

You can also purchase beginner kits that come with cymbals. the drums themselves are excellent quality, however we would recommend upgrading the basic cymbals that come with these kits for cymbals with better sound and longevity

DXP P0406 Standard 5-Piece Drum Kit | Wine Red (

Full Size kits are great fun and perfect for their first drum lessons all the way to the stage. However, they are big and loud so do not forget to warn the neighbours.

Electronic drum kits

Another less intrusive option that allows all the benefits of a full drum kit, with the adding bonus of silent playing through headphones, are electronic drum kits or v-drums.

Electronic drum kits come with all the drums of a full-size drum kit and the cymbals. The only extras you will need to get are drumsticks and a drum stool.  They plug into the wall socket just like any electronic instrument. They come with a host of features such multiple kit sounds from rock to jazz, to orchestral, to dance and pop. A built-in metronome to help with timing and built-in lessons to build skills. They take up less space in a room and most importantly take headphones for silent playing that both you and the neighbours would enjoy.

Roland TD-1K V Drums (

Roland TD-1K V Drums (

Thanks for reading, and we hope we shed some light on the world of drums! Any Questions? Just email or feel free to give us a call

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