Make Your Kids Summer Musical| Our Top 10 Instruments for Kids this Summer

Get those summer vibes this year while introducing music to your children. We have picked our top 10 instruments for kids that you can bring outdoors, are easy to travel with, and most importantly are perfect for some summer fun!

  1. Mahalo Ukulele
  1. Nothing quite gives us those beach vibes like a ukulele. It’s easy to learn, easy on those little fingers and small enough to make traveling with it a breeze. Perfect for those summer get always!

2. Waltons Rainbow Whistles

With a colour to suit everyone, these rainbow whistles are perfect to get your kid started on their musical journey this summer. Easy to learn and again easy to travel with, you can’t go wrong with a rainbow whistle!

3. Waltons Harmonica Beginner Packs!

Who wants some songs for around the campfire this summer? We think a harmonica is a clear essential on your camping must have list!

Easy to learn and lots of fun for the kids, we have some great beginner packs for you to choose from here

4. Valencia Classical Guitar

Classical guitars are a great instrument for kids to start with, their nylon strings are gentle on those little fingers and come in sizes to suit all ages.

Check out our great range of Valencia classical guitars here

5. Tycoon Bold Series Cajon

Great for outdoor play and easy to transport, these Tycoon cajons bold series are bright, colourful and perfect for adding music to your kids summer fun!

6. Hand On Percussion Sets

These are brilliant for young children starting their musical journey. They are fun, easy to transport and hours of fun for your kids. Check them out here

7. The Bodhrán

A wonderful instrument for any child to learn, it is a perfect instrument for children to begin playing music. With a great range of styles and sizes to suit all, browse our full range here

Abstract painting with earth tones.

8. Tambourines

So simple, so obvious, but so much fun for small kids and babies, and a great introductory instrument for small kids to help develop essential skills. Check out our range of tambourines here

9. Maracas

Again another obvious entry instrument for young children, especially babies! Maracas really are great for helping to develop auditory and visual skills! You can browse our range of colourful Maracas here

10. Bongos!

These are great fun, compact enough to travel with and a great instrument to burn all that energy! They are easy to learn and suitable for all levels.

Check out our range of bongos here

Thanks for reading, and we hope we gave you a bit of summer inspiration! Any Questions? Just email or feel free to give us a call

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