Course Spotlight | Songwriting Workshop Starts Tuesday, 19th October

Whether you are new to songwriting and would like to take your music beyond the shower, or you have already written songs but would like to have a better grounding in the basics, the New School’s six-week online Songwriting Workshop, taught by the acclaimed songwriter and singer Melanie O’Reilly, will help you to develop your creative ideas – in any musical style – and turn them into finished songs.

This online workshop can be taken by participants living anywhere in Ireland or around the world. Songwriting Workshop classes are intended to be instructive, encouraging and collaborative. Here is some of what’s covered:

• Exercises to break ‘writer’s block’ and get the songwriting juices flowing.

• Examining Great Songs, new and old, and what makes them work so well

.• Collaborating and providing useful and supportive feedback for peers.

• Lyric Writing. What makes a great first line? What makes a great chorus? (The verses of the song are like climbing up a mountain. The chorus is the view from the top. When you get to the top, the view better be worth the climb!)

• Melody Writing. More than any other element, a great melody that can be sung alone without accompaniment is what makes a truly great song. And a ‘singable’ melody (that is, a melody that others can sing, not just the performer) is much more memorable.

• Hooks. A great ‘hook’ is that brief, irresistible bit of music that the listener will remember even after hearing your song only once.

• Finding a Groove. How to create a rhythmic sound that will make your music stand out.

• The Business of Songwriting, including publishing, royalties, song placement, etc.

Participants whose primary interest is lyric writing, music writing – or both – are welcome. Those who play an instrument or sing can incorporate it into their work. Music reading is not necessary to participate, and knowledge of a chordal instrument (guitar, piano, etc.) is helpful but not required.

‘This course gave me great confidence in songwriting, and to have the guidance of a professional songwriter was so helpful. The course helped me both lyrically and musically to realise my songwriting potential, and I am now constantly writing new material.’– A. Bradley

‘The teacher’s laid back and informal approach, coupled with vast experience and knowledge of music, made the workshop very enjoyable for me, and I would be happy to recommend it to others. The workshop was just what I was looking for and gave me an excellent understanding of how to approach songwriting.’– B. Curran

‘I finished four songs and found my melodic voice, which I thought was impossible as I don’t play an instrument. I’d like to do a more advanced class now!’– S. Kelly

See full course details here or take a look at The Waltons New School of Music wide range of courses here

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