Course Spotlight |Trad Guitar Basics Starts Wednesday, 6 October

For any guitar player interested in traditional music, the New School’s Trad Guitar Basics course provides an excellent introduction to the form and how to play it.

This 10-week course covers the following elements:

• Chord shapes and strum patterns

• Bass runs and chords

• Using the capo

• Combining chords and single-note playing

• Alternative chords and variation

• Standard and alternative tunings

• Along the way participants will be introduced to the major guitarists and styles through listening sessions and practical examples.

Course participants (who should be familiar with guitar tablature and basic chord forms, including barre chords) will also get the opportunity to tackle some great trad tunes!

‘John is a master of many styles of guitar playing – Irish traditional, flamenco, jazz, rock, you name it – and his enthusiasm for all kinds of music is infectious. This series of classes was very informative and fun to attend, and it gave me the basis for practice and improvement over the coming months. I enjoyed them greatly.’– M. Holmes

‘Good atmosphere, enthusiastic and supportive teacher, and small class size. This course helped me take another important step towards becoming a better guitar player.’– F. MacCárthaigh

‘Really enjoyed the course and John – he is a wealth of knowledge!’– L. Page

‘After each session I left with a smile on my face because I’d learned something new. Thank you very much and see you for another course.’– M. Pardelinha

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