Course Spotlight |Introducing Ukulele for Children

Introducing ukulele for children starts Saturday, 5 October.

Designed for young people aged 6-8, Waltons New School of Music’s NEW 22-week Introducing Ukulele for Children course allows young students (aged 6-8) to enjoy early success on their instrument in a fun and creative environment. This creates a positive association with music that could well spark a lifelong passion.

The course focuses on well-known, popular tunes and includes melody playing, chordal accompaniment and strumming patterns.

Small, robust and affordable while also accessible, rewarding and fun, the ukulele is an ideal instrument for children to begin their musical journey on. Combining melody, harmony and percussion in the rich, versatile sound of its nylon strings, it’s little wonder that the uke has become one of the most popular instruments on the world.

And with the endorsement of so many pop and rock stars, it’s no surprise either that kids are so excited to pick it up.

Group learning has long been recognised as one of the most effective ways to teach children about music and instil positive lifetime attitudes towards both music and learning. A group environment provides children with the opportunity to make music together with friends and classmates, sharing common goals and skill. The interaction between students also encourages and promotes understanding, and children learn to assess their peers positively.

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