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LEAVING CERT. MUSIC PRELIMINARY COURSE Saturday & Sunday, 18 & 19 September 2021 with Walton’s New School of Music

Are you interested in studying Leaving Cert. Music?

Do you play an instrument or sing but haven’t studied music theory or Junior Cert. Music?

At the New School, we think music at Leaving Cert. level should be accessible to any student with a genuine interest in it.

With this in mind, in 1999 we developed the very effective Leaving Cert. Music Preliminary Course, designed for students intending to enter either our Two-Year Course or another Leaving Cert. Music course without either Junior Cert. Music or formal studies in music theory.

Taking place over a single weekend in September, our Preliminary Course covers the fundamentals of music theory up to Junior Cert. standard as a preparation for Leaving Cert.

Like all of the New School’s Leaving Cert. Music courses, this online course can be taken by students living anywhere in Ireland.

‘It’s amazing how much we learned in a single weekend. I feel much more confident starting Leaving Cert. Music now.’– S. Fogarty

‘Got me ready for Leaving Cert. Music – in two days!’– P. Loughins

‘I honestly didn’t think I would be brought up to speed and ready for Leaving Cert. Music in such a short space of time, but I was! Highly recommended.’– D. McCarthy

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