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We’ve had a lot of queries this year from parents or family members of children and teenagers looking for an instrument for their kids to learn, but are unsure of where to start.

So with that in mind, we’ve decided to talk you through some of our most popular instrumental online and in school music lessons for children and how we feel these instruments benefit children’s development not just mentally, but physically and emotionally too.

So let’s get started with what we personally feel are the most popular beginner instruments for children and teenagers alike with…

  1. The Piano/Keyboard

The piano is a truly wonderful instrument for children of all ages and adults alike. Here is just a shortlist of the benefits playing the piano can provide.

  • Reduces stress.
  • Practising piano helps to improve children’s motor skills.
  • Piano lessons will help children learn to focus.
  • Helps children to improve their musical abilities.
  • Playing piano can help improve IQ in both children and adults alike.
  • Piano lessons can help improve children’s communication skills.
  • Playing piano makes your hand and arm muscles stronger.

(My daughter’s) piano teacher is great, and the lessons were a transformational experience for her. Waltons New School of Music is a very good choice for children to start their music journey.

X. Guo

Unsure whether your child is ready for lessons or worried about whether they will be able to stay focused? Some children are ready for lessons as early as age five, and most are ready at the age of six. To start with, we offer 30-minute private online lessons for our young students. Children beginning piano lessons should be reading or in the process of learning to read, and be able to understand easy addition and subtraction to make things easier for them to get started. But remember every child will be different and will have their own unique approach to learning and it is up to our teachers to encourage and support your child as they begin their musical journey.

You may now be thinking that all sounds great but where on earth do I even begin? Well, we recommend starting by investing in a keyboard, digital or acoustic piano first. Your preference may vary on which to go for depending on a number of factors such as age, budget, style, etc… we will talk you through everything you will need to know step by step to find the right keyboard or piano to suit your needs just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help or check out our great range of keyboards and pianos here. Once you have your instrument you can sign up for your online lessons and your child’s teacher will let you know what books you will need to get started. All books will be available to purchase through or any good music outlet.

For more information about our upcoming online piano lessons or if you have any queries in relation to online courses with Waltons New School of Music please contact us and we will be happy to help.

2. The Guitar

The guitar is a fantastic instrument to introduce to our children, it offers endless musical possibilities and challenges. It is without a doubt one of the most enriching and exciting experiences you can gift your child and will open the door to an endless array of musical possibilities for them.

Some of the key mental, physical and emotional benefits of learning the guitar are…

  • Guitar classes help children to improve their memory and concentration.
  • It teaches children self discipline through the many hours of practice they will spend developing their skills.
  • Improves and refines their sense of hearing by learning to recognise the different sounds of the guitar.
  • Reduces stress and encourages relaxation.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Boosts self- confidence.

Waltons provide tuition that is far superior to anything else I have experienced. I feel that my daughter (who is 11) has been made to feel very comfortable with her own abilities and is challenged to improve. Most of all, she seems to enjoy music, to be getting an appreciation of it. We are not a musical family, but she is showing an interest which is being fostered in a very natural way (parent of guitar student)

A. Dawson

With this in mind if you think the guitar is the right instrument for your child and you want to get started with some online music lessons but would like some more information on the right size guitar or style to get started? Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to talk you through everything you need to know to get started.

As far as lessons go, six years old is usually the youngest age that we start students on guitar. The guitar is very physically challenging for students younger than this. When to start lessons depends on things like coordination and attention span – and sometimes hand size. It is best for children to start off with a 1/2- or 3/4-size nylon-string guitar. Nylon-string guitars make it much easier for children to ‘fret’ notes without the strings hurting their fingers. Young beginners can start with private online lessons with the school.

3. The Ukulele

  • Beginner-Friendly. The ukulele is a beginner-friendly instrument. …
  • Boosts IQ. …
  • Increases Focus And Discipline. …
  • Stress Reliever. …
  • Gives A Sense Of Accomplishment. …
  • Promotes Good Posture. …
  • Final Thoughts.

Because the ukulele is such a small and lightweight instrument, it is easy for younger children to learn. As with the guitar, coordination and attention span are two factors to consider.

4. The Violin

child learning the violin reaps many benefits from it. Physically, your child gains strength and flexibility in the upper body. Due to developing the skills and muscle memory needed for playing, their arms and fingers get stronger as they learn exciting and new techniques.

5. Tin Whistle

The tin whistle is a great first instrument for children as it is simple to learn and helps to develop skills that can be used to learn a variety of different instruments. This gives children a fantastic starting point in reaching the instrument that they would most like to play.

The tin whistle is hardwearing and easy to play, which makes it ideal for children as it can keep their attention and withstand being played with, whereas other instruments can be a bit fragile for untrained hands!

6. The Bodhrán

Not only is it fun, but it’s also great for their development. A Bodhrán circle can teach children mutual respect, co-operation, listening, coordination, and sensitive movement, as well as developing qualities like perseverance, self-discipline, and mental agility.

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