Yamaha’s YDP 103 Digital Piano

Are you looking for a piano that ticks the boxes without breaking the bank – the Yamaha YDP-103B does just that.

The YDP-103B is a furniture style 88 note digital piano with a whole lot going for it. It’s a fantastic model for anyone looking to practice or learn at home. As well as being a great instrument, it also pairs as a wonderful decorative feature piece in any home.

Yamaha is the world largest piano manufacturer with over a century of experience in building the best pianos the world has to offer, so it’s no wonder their digital pianos provide for an authentic feel and realistic experience in these neat and budget-friendly instruments.

Let’s dive right in and see exactly what this model has to offer:

1 . THE LOOK. It has a sleek stylish look in a neat cabinet and classic matt black finish. A beautiful addition to any living space, without taking up room

2. THE FEEL. The YDP-103 features 88 fully weighted progressive hammer action keys.

These keys are made mimic those of an acoustic piano: the keys are heavier on the left and gradually get lighter as you go to the right of the keyboard. This makes it perfect for the beginner looking to take exams in future, the hobby musician playing purely for personal enjoyment, or for the professional player

3. THE PEDALS. With this model, you’ll be getting a full three-pedal system, which is the same as an acoustic piano. With a damper pedal, sostenuto pedal and sustain pedal.

4 THE USB The YDP-103B is equipped with a USB port. This means you can connect the piano to a computer, tablet or phone. This means you can make learning the piano a smart experience.

Run apps for online learning like Flowkey or Yousician or scoring software like Sibelius allowing you to create sheet music as you play. Want to record your playing? Connect via USB to your favourite recording software to create and save your own pieces.

5.THE PRICE. The best thing about the YDP-103B is its price. Quality normally comes at a premium price. At Waltons, the YDP-103B comes in at just €799 with a stool and headphones included. So whether you’re looking to start learning, upgrade your current model, or purchase something for home rehearsal before gigs – the YDP103B will suit any player looking for a high quality, budget-friendly instrument.

Check out the YDP-103B stool and headphones bundle here

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Bill Murray
Bill Murray

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