Looking for the perfect musical gift for young children this year but don’t know where to start?

Take a look at our TOP 10 gift ideas for kids this year.


Ukuleles have become amazingly popular over the past few years, and we know why! They are a perfect, and most importantly a fun instrument for all ages. Our ukuleles start at just €19.99 and come in a range of colours and designs to suit any styles.

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For children under 12, one of the guitars we’ll recommend is a classical guitar from our Valencia range. Classical guitars have nylon strings which make it a lot easier to play for little fingers. Our Valencia guitar range comes in ¼ size, ½ size, ¾ size, and full.

You can also choose what colour you’d like, and whether you’d like to buy the guitar as a stand alone product or as part of a kit to include the guitar, guitar tuner, and gig bag.

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Kids Percussion is a great first step into music for children of all ages. Percussion instruments are a safe and fun way to teach children the basics of music. Our Hands on percussion range include a great assortment of instruments to keep the kids amused for hours!

check out our full range of Hands on Percussion Instruments here

4. Junior Drum Kits

Our DXP Junior Drum kits range from a 3 piece – 5 piece kit. Drumming is not only beneficial to children’s mental health and development, it’s also great for helping children develop physical fitness, as drumming increases heart rate and blood flow.

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Violin outfits are the ideal starter instrument for young musicians from the age of 3 and up. Our violin outfits range from 1/16 to full size. Included in the outfit is the violin, bow, rosin & case. Playing the violin is not only benificial for young minds but physically, your child gains strength and flexibility in the upper body. Due to developing the skills and muscle memory needed for playing, their arms and fingers get stronger as they learn exciting and new techniques!

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Waltons Music’s own brand Rainbow Tin Whistles are a fun, colourful tin whistle in the key of D.

Available in blue, green, yellow, red and pink. There is a colour to suit any style. You can learn a lot about how to play music on the tin whistle. You will learn melody, precision, rhythm, phrasing, articulation and repertoire. A great instrument for kids to begin their musical journey!

The perfect stocking filler for any age!

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7. Bodhrán Player Pack

The Waltons Bodhrán comes complete with a hardwood beater and box or gift package. Suitable for an entry-level player. Waltons classic range of bodhráns are handcrafted from the finest woods, with heads made from real goatskin. All bodhráns come with a hardwood beater.

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8. Harmonica Fun Pack

This Waltons Harmonica fun pack is a colourful, child-friendly introduction to the harmonica. Includes a simple, fully diagrammed instruction book with a fine collection of tunes and a quality Delta C harmonica.

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A great option for kids who want to learn the drums and for their parents who could do without that extra noise. The DM-1 electronic drum kit is a light and compact complete drum kit. The DM-1 represents a fun, wide range package for any skill level.

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The piano is a truly amazing instrument for children of all ages. Here is just a short list of the benefits playing the piano can have on children:

  1. Reduces stress.
  2. Practising piano helps to improve their motor skills.
  3. Piano lessons will help children learn to focus.
  4. Helps to improve their musical abilities.
  5. Playing piano can help improve IQ in both children and adults alike.
  6. Piano lessons can help improve their communication skills.

Take a look below at just a few of our great value keyboard and digital piano‘s available for nationwide delivery.

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To discuss our range of products or to speak to a product specialist please email info@waltonsmusic.ie or give us a call on 01 8207425 and we will be happy to help!

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