Lag HyVibe Smart Acoustic Guitar

It is not surprising that at a time when standard telephones have evolved into power smartphones, an identical digital phenomenon would finally happen to the acoustic guitar. By combining Doctor Adrien Mamou Mani’s 7+ years of research at the famous IRCAM institute in Paris, with 40 years of guitar manufacturing expertise, Lâg offers all guitar lovers a new category of instruments providing the best in technology and lutherie design.

The LAg THV10 is the world first Smart Guiar , a guitar that can generate its own effects , create loops from you playing and act as a speaker for backing tracks played from your phone all with just the guitar , no need to plug in to anything else .

The built in Hy Vibe System uses an amazing combination of electronics , software and the amazing acoustic properites of this guiat allowing the instrument to become its own , pedalboard / effects unit with Chorus , Delay , Reverb and EQ , A loop pedal with up to 8gb of onboard memory , a guitar tuner and a bluetoooth speaker allowing you to playback audio over bluetooth from you phone through the acoustis of the gutar , no need for amplification . 

This guitar really has to be seen and heard in order to appreciate the astounding level of innovation and practicality Lag have crammed into a single piece of gear .  

All the basics Lâg knows and a bit more… The Lâg THV10DCE packs a lot of warmth and deepness into a comfortable, easy to play guitar. This huge amount of warmth is brought up by its solid red Cedar top, which is nicely paired with the Mahogany body. The typical Venetian cutaway opens up to its slim neck and Brownwood fretboard and offers you a smooth playing experience. Specially designed bracing inside the guitar is able to pick up every little detail of your playing style and make them sound wonderful . 

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